Loss Prevention

Amizo Services Limited offers the most effective and total loss prevention solution for your Inventory and equipment from Toolwatch.

- Using a unique blend of technology and psychology, this forensic tagging solution enables you to prove ownership of your tools, equipment and inventory beyond doubt.

- Awareness labels and signs (included) do a remarkable job of announcing your new foolproof "detective," providing an effective psychological barrier against theft.

Uniquely coded, tamper-proof forensic markers with next-generation scanning technology allow field readings anywhere, anytime and with 100% accuracy.

These markers can be covert, overt or a combination of both depending on your specific security needs.

The Synthetic DNA is indestructible. It can withstand abrasion, sanding, temperatures as high as 3000 F, and acids and solvents. To remove these forensic markers, thieves would have to destroy the item, rendering it useless.

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